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The Stakeholders

The people who can make of break your deal. Clearly identify who is helping you get:

1) Real information in real time...not automated valuations of properties. If an entity is not licensed in the state they are providing information about, take their advice like a grain of salt.

2) People who comment on places and neighborhoods but live in a different part of town or country.  These people can be toxic to your decision making process.  Do not allow others perceptions of people and places if they do not intimately know the area, community or otherwise.  Stay local...with advice.  

3) Are they qualified to help you? Carefully engage with people who are seasoned professionals.  Have your personal checklist of what you want in a real estate agent, mortgage broker and insurance agent.  Then have a checklist of what these people ought to know and what information they should be giving you in a timely manner without prejudice....without prejudice in this case means commentary should be given without pushing their product...whether it is a house, loan or otherwise.  You only want qualified professionals who give unbiased information to help you unique situation.

The Movers

How are you going to leverage the people who are positioned to maximize your money and your time?


The Shakers

A client once told me "Don't let the bastards keep you down"  That statement has carried many of us through the challenges of change of ups and downs.  Often it becomes cloudy as to who is helping us in the process of change...this is the change of home ownership...the looking, the inspections, the financing challenges that may present themselves.

How important it is to understand the whole sales process to help us refine and define who is shaking up our deal and remove them from our picture or reduce their impact as much as possible.

When challenges appear it is so important to step back and write down the role of each person in a transaction and your best approach to seeing how these people are helping or hurting your situation.