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Understanding Design

A clear understanding of design basics will help you as you develop your sense of place and space and what the two mean to you.

 Design for you as a Buyer is represented by the physical spaces created in a place.  Within these spaces are materials that further help define and refine the spaces.

An important facet in the thought of design is the interaction of the spaces...both inside and outside of a building.  One has to consider the feelings as you walk through from one room to another, from inside to outside.

By taking time to understand how spaces feel to you, one starts being more aware of your emotions in the spaces and how having a sense of place is very important to how you perceive a building from just being four walls to transforming into your home.

Sense of Place

A sense of place is a direct correlation to your personal experience. This is why it is so important to be in a specific type of space...standing, walking, talking to best understand how you feel in the place.  

Beyond virtual tours one needs to call on all the senses to truly appreciate how a place feels to you...the light, the smells, the flow of air, the feel of the floors below your feet and how the colors and textures of walls feel to you.

The whole picture of life

When we decide to live in a space...we call it home....that place we come home to.  This home may become part of our life for a time.

It is important to understand like everything else in life, living in a home has a beginning and an end.  In between those two definitive limits we change as does the environment we call home.

From this perspective we grow as a person or persons.  Financially it is good to buy at one price and sell at another, hopefully to make a few dollars in between. Emotionally we want to feel good about the place we sleep at night.  Take time to step back when the thoughts of buying a home becomes overwhelming.  See the purchase more of buying a place for just a time...for nothing in life is permanent.  It is best to have a place you love to be in, improving over time and molding to your lifestyle.